We fill our greenhouses with the highest quality blooming annuals every year. By mid-April it becomes a sea of spectacular color with everything from heat tolerant to shade loving varieties and proven winner selections. Our filled in and blooming hanging baskets and container gardens are ready to go straight to your home and liven up your patio and landscape. If you like the creative process and fun of planting yourself, join us for one of our potting classes in May.

Lomond View Nursery has a large selection of annuals to choose from each year. We provide bedding plants to specialty annuals to make your garden complete. Talk to our staff about different annuals to plan for sun or shade areas, and for tips on how to plant correctly to enhance colors in your yard.

A true annual is a plant that will germinate, flower, and die in one season. Biennial plants will live on for two years, blooming and dying in the second year. A true annual is designed to produce seeds and reseeds for the next season. It is common to see this with marigolds, cosmos, Foxgloves, Hollyhocks, and other true annuals.

We start stocking pansies and primrose in early March until May, when we start to add more geraniums, petunias, and other annuals. Pansies and other varieties are carried into the fall and can be planted late in the season.
We stock our greenhouses with a large selection of flowers that are ideal for any home or business. Don’t just settle for a meager selection of flowers; come to Lomond View Nursery to find flowers that will provide a nonstop show of colors and varieties.

If you want some beautiful flowers in the fall, plant some pansies when the weather starts to cool down. With the light winters in Utah recently, pansies are a great addition as they will continue to provide color to your home until December, and they bounce back well in the spring with the right mulch.

How to Create a Successful Container Garden

One of the most popular ways to garden in Utah is to use container gardens. Containers reduce problems with weeds, and they make it easier for people to manage the size of the garden. Use these steps to get started with your container garden:

  • Select planter boxes or large containers that will allow you to have adequate room for your garden.
  • Determine if you want to plant vegetables or flowers. Based on which one you choose, you will want to change the container as clay pots tend to dry out fast, which can end up leaving you with dry plants.
  • Select containers with drainage holes in the bottle to allow for proper watering.
  • Fill the container with a lot of potting soil mix as it provides adequate moisture, nutrients, and oxygen for the plants. Garden soil is not recommended for potted plants as it doesn’t give the plants the same benefits, which can lead to unhealthy plants. Use a time released fertilizer when planting as it helps to keep the plants healthy.
  • Place your containers in the right areas for the plants you are using. Some plants need full-time sun while others need shade for the majority of the day.
  • Water the container daily to provide plenty of nourishment to dry plants.
  • Refresh your plants with new plants during the season to bring out a variety of colors and enjoyment!

Talk to one of our garden experts to find the right plants for your container garden. We know which plants will thrive well together, and which ones will bring out the right colors and look for your home. Some plants are added to help reduce problems with mosquitos and other pests. The final thing to remember is where you want to place the container. Some people love the look of flowers in the windowsills while others love large pots on the front porch. Our large selection of preplanted boxes, or create your own, can help you get started on the right foot!


We carry a wide selection of Spring, Summer, Fall and long blooming perennials. We bring in new varieties every year including ornamental grasses, rock garden, deer resistant perennials. If you are moving toward a xero-scape plan, our selection of water wise perennials will help you achieve a beautiful result. Our perennials come in throughout the year, allowing us to always have fresh flowers in a wide variety. We have some hard to find perennials and some of the must-haves including “Rose of Sharon” and “Wine and Roses Weigela.” Contact our experienced staff to discuss more about our perennials.

Seeds and Bulbs

If you want some beautiful flowers in the spring, always plant bulbs in the fall. Lomond View Nursery carries some of the best spring flowering bulbs including crocus, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. When you spend a little time working on your garden in the fall, you will be able to enjoy the benefits in the spring. Plant a variety of spring-flowering bulbs to reap the rewards in the spring. Plan on planting your flowers in the late fall before the first snowstorm of the season.
To help with fall planting, we have perfect partners flower bulbs to help. The perfect partner planting bags are designed to give you a variety of spring flowers that will bloom together and look amazing. We have selected only the best flowers for our customers to help you grow an impressive garden!


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