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Plants naturally come with defenses to fight harmful insects and diseases (much like the human immune system). If the plant is not healthy or is stressed then those defenses grow week and invaders make their way in. The best defense for the fight against harmful insects and diseases is a good offense. Keeping your plants healthy and vigorous with the right fertilizers  will eliminate the need for problem solutions down the road.

Flowers – Annual & Perennial:

We offer a selection of blooming and rooting options to give your flowers exactly what they need to produce vigorous blooms. Flowers are the star of the landscape show, you’ll want to give them specialized energy and nutrients so they can really shine.

Trees & Shrubs:

Establishing the root system that first year means everything in the life of a tree or shrub. Make sure your investment will reach its potential by applying Root stimulator every time you plant! We also have tree and shrub food to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and vigorous year after year.

Lawn Turf:

If you follow a program of regular seasonal care and maintenance, it’s easy to achieve a beautiful, healthy, disease- and weed-free lawn:

  • March/April- Apply Fertilome Crabgrass Preventor
  • May/Early June- Apply Fertilome Weed Out
  • End of Aug/Sept- Apply Fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron
  • Oct/Nov- Apply Fertilome Winterizer


We carry a variety of fertilizers that are safe and effective for your vegetables and fruit trees. They will not only keep your plant healthy but will increase your harvest.


If you like to keep things natural then you will find a great selection of options on our sales floor. With Fertilome’s Natural Guard line you will find an organic solution to any gardening problem you need to solve.

Insecticides, Herbicides and Fungicides:

From spiders and ants to slugs and snails to aphids and Box Elder bugs, we can help! If it is a problem in Northern Utah, then we have a solution for it. If combating weeds is your battle, then come to our sales floor and arm yourself with one of our many weed weapons. It is so important to make sure you have the right chemical for the job to successfully get rid of unwanted weeds while keeping your desired plants safe. Talk to one of our knowledgeable sales staff to find out which of our products will be right for you. We carry needed fungicides and even repellants for unwanted pests such as deer, rabbits, voles, dogs and cats that can wreak havoc on your hard work.

At Lomond View Nursery, our goal is to provide you with beautiful plants that will enhance your home and your life. Whether you are a new gardener, or a seasoned professional, we have all the plants and products you need to enhance your garden. Let us help you learn new tricks and techniques to create a successful garden and turn this into your new favorite pastime.

Call today or come to our location to talk to our staff about different gardening questions and recommendations. We stay up-to-date with the latest information about disease treatments, pest prevention, and the best garden practices.


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