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Soils & Amendments

If you want to enhance your yard, it helps to have healthy soil and quality mulch to create the right look. Lomond View Nursery carries a large selection of soils and mulches to help your landscaping. Read through this page to learn tips on how to find the right mulch and what you can do for your specific garden project.


Our large selection of mulches come in individual bags or bulk selections. We can deliver bulk products for a minimum purchase order, and the delivery rates will vary based on location and the product you order.

Following are the items we carry in bulk, we would be happy to explain the uses and benefits of each and help you decide the best option for you:

  • Ferti-mulch
  • Topsoil Plus
  • Premium Sandy Lome Top soil
  • Shredded Bark
  • Blended Brown Colored Mulch
  • Soil Pep Soil Conditioner

Lomond View’s Formula for how much bulk mulch to buy:

  1. Size of bed = length × width = square feet
  2. Square feet × how deep (inches) = cubic feet
  3. Cubic feet ÷ 12 = total square feet
  4. Total square feet ÷ 27 = yards needed

Talk to a Lomond View employee to find out how many inches deep you will want to spread your soil or mulch for the particular project you are doing.

Delivery Services

We can delivery up to 10 yards of soil or bark per load. Come in to select your product and schedule your delivery date.


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