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When we think of gardening this time of year, we often think of yard clean up and preparing for winter. There are definitely important items to check off the winter-prep clean-up list, but don’t overlook the opportunity to plant and play with color this time of year.

The colors of autumn provide a rich and energetic spray. Mums, pansies and ornamental peppers can add pops of color to keep the heart of a flower bed beating well into November.

Plant now for spring growth

This is an ideal time to get trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs in the ground. It is best at the time of planting to encourage the plant to put its energy into the roots instead of the top growth. This time of year Mother Nature is telling plants to send resources to the root system to prepare for winter dormancy. Planting now gives roots time to get established before the ground freezes. Everything is in place for a spectacular display of blossoms in spring when the plant will put its energy up top.

Spring tulips come from Fall bulbs

Bulbs are easy to grow and a welcome, cheerful relief to the end of winter. Plant each bulb to a depth of four times its height. This will keep it the right temperature until the time comes for it to emerge. Plant a grouping of bulbs that will grow in a variety of sizes and colors to create a growing “bouquet”. In the spring it will be like someone sent you flowers (minus the delivery van).


Enjoy time outdoors this month soaking in the sights, sounds and smells of autumn; and give yourself the gift of spring blooms by planting in the fall.



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