Getting your lawn through the homestretch of Summer

When you stop to think about it, your lawn plays a huge roll in your life this time of year. You sit on it to enjoy the picnics and the fireworks, you spend your Saturdays mowing and edging it. Summer is a great combination of busy and relaxing, and your lawn is a part of it all.  Believe it or not, Summer is getting ready to wind down for the year. This means it’s time to give your lawn the boost it needs to make it through the last leg of the August heat and transition into the Fall.

We recommend Fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron. A good all-around lawn food with iron for fast immediate greening on all types of lawns. The iron in the product is chelated for fast, long lasting green-up of the lawn. It contains two types of Nitrogen, which allow for quick greening and long term stable growth. All that healthy green growth up top going into Fall will set your lawn up to be able to gather all kinds of energy from the sun, sending it down to it’s roots. These healthy roots will store that energy through the Winter and use it to make a great comeback in March. (you’ll also want to apply our Winterizer in October to complete the process) Keeping up on a healthy lawn now will pay off way down the road!

Remember to leave your lawn a little longer during this hot dry time of year to help preserve water and help maintain optimum lawn health.



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