Spring planting

Time to plant annual flower beds, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, basil and other tender vegetables and herbs! Be sure to prepare your soil with some nutrient rich compost.  With all the moisture we’ve had, your soil will be wet for a while. Let it dry out just a little before using a heavy tiller to avoid soil compaction. When adding compost sooner,  just gently incorporate it into the soil with a shovel.

It’s a great time to plant shrubs, ornamental trees and fruit trees as well! If planted now, they will have the next month to get established before the summer heat sets in. It is essential for the long term health of your tree or shrub that it’s roots get well established before it starts using it’s energy to put growth up top. Avoid pruning (which stimulates top growth) for the first season. We recommend adding an application of Ferti-lome Root Stimulator with every tree or shrub planting. Encouraging the establishment of a healthy root system at the time of planting will pay off in the vigor of your tree or shrub for years to come.


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